Be/coming/home-Berlin 2020

Theis work is an outcome of my communication with five Arab women living and working in Berlin in the fields of art and culture. Initially, the idea was to follow and document some details from their daily routine, their space of work, some personal objects and things that define them. I would then create collages, out of the images I shot from their day to day life, to produce a sort of homage to each one of them.
Along the way, I came across the common denominator through my constant correspondence with the collaborators, of talking about dreams which I find fascinating, and uncanny, from repairing the sphinx’s nose to roaming endlessly in the desert in a hybrid human body and head of a horse.  I decided to depict some scenes described by some of the women. The process unfolded at the end and the work took the shape of semi-surreal forms of small colleges.

The exhibition “Be / coming / home – Berlin, capital of exiles?” Regards Berlin as a place of exile and homeland creation: What is exile? Which identities, visions and memories permeate Berlin as a place for (by) displaced persons? What are the opportunities and challenges of being here? These are the central questions of our exhibition.

Collage, 30x30cm, 2020.
Collage, 30x30cm, 2020.
Collage, 2020.
Collage, 8x13cm, 2020.
Collage, 40x50cm, 2020.

commissioned and organized by dis:orient:

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